Thomas Julou

Senior Scientist at the Biozentrum (Basel)

In my research, I use microbes to address questions related to phenotypic variability, i.e. to study the range of phenotypes realised by microbial cells with the same genetic information in the same environment. My interests and projects range from the molecular mechanisms underlying phenotypic variability to its evolutionary implications for microbial populations. Beyond their fundamental interests, understanding these questions is also critical to prevent the emergence of antibiotics “persistence” and to optimise synthesis processes in biotechnological industries.

In practice, I use and develop single-cell methodologies – primarily based on microfluidics, quantitative light microscopy and quantitative flow cytometry. Moreover, I cherish a very tight integration of the experimental and modelling components for every project. I implement and promote reproducible practices for experimental research and data analysis, and rely as much as possible on open source tools.

Have overlapping interests? Want to learn about these approaches? Please contact me to discuss current opportunities to work together. In particular, I always welcome applications of talented and enthusiastic students and postdocs.