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Images and raw data
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Talks & Posters

2nd SPP1617 International Conference "Phenotypic heterogeneity and sociobiology of bacterial populations" (2019; Invited Talk), at Schloss Hohenkammer (Germany).
EMBO workshop "Bacterial Persistence & Antimicrobial Therapy" (2018; Poster), at Ascona (Switzerland).
IS2M Annual Meetings: Microfluidics in Upper Rhine Valley (2018), at Université de Haute Alsace (France).
Institute Seminar (2018) at Institute of Cell Biology & SynthSys, University of Edinburgh (UK).
FriSBi seminar (2018) at IST (Austria).
Principles of microbial adaptation (2018; Poster) at Lorentz Center, Leiden (NL).
EMBO workshop “Optimizations and trade-offs in cellular growth and survival” (2018) at Weizmann Institute (Israel).
Quantitative Methods in Gene Regulation IV (2017) at Cambridge (UK).
Basel Computational Biology Conference [BC]2 (2017) at Basel (Switzerland).
Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics in Nature and the Lab (2017) at KITP, Santa Barbara (USA). (video)
New Approaches and Concepts in Microbiology (2017; Poster) at EMBL, Heidelberg (Germany).
Biozentrum Symposium (2017; Poster) at Basel (Switzerland).
Quantitative Laws Summer School (2016) at Como (Italy).
Microbiology Department Seminar (2016) at UNIGE, Genève (Switzerland).
Rigi Workshop (2016; Poster) at Luzern (Switzerland).
Biozentrum Symposium (2016; Poster) at Basel (Switzerland).
New Approaches and Concepts in Microbiology (2015; Poster) at EMBL, Heidelberg (Germany).
Experimental Approaches to Evolution & Ecology (2014; Poster) at EMBL, Heidelberg (Germany).
Computational Biology Seminar (2014) at ETH Zürich (Switzerland).
Institute Seminar (2013) at IGBMC, Strasbourg (France).
New Approaches and Concepts in Microbiology (2013; 2 Posters!!) at EMBL, Heidelberg (Germany).
Experimental Approaches to Evolution & Ecology (2012; Poster) at EMBL, Heidelberg (Germany).
Seminaire du LiPhy (2011) at Univ. Joseph Fourier, Grenoble (France).
Paris-Zürich Young Scientists Symposium in Applied Microscopy (2011) at ETH Zürich (Switzerland).
MMEMS conference “Evolution of Microbial Cooperation” (2011; Poster) at University of Bath (UK).
Between unicellularity and multicellularity: microbes in interaction (2010) at Institut des Systèmes Complexes, Paris (France).
The Evolution of Cooperation: Paradoxes of Collectivity & Individuality (2010) at Indiana University, Bloomington (USA).
102nd Statistical Mechanics Conference (2009) at Rutgers University (USA).
Journées du LPS (2008) at ENS, Paris (France).
New perspectives on the systematics & ecology of Orchids (2004) at Univ. P. Sabatier, Toulouse (France).
5ème Rencontres de Mycopathologie J. Chevaugeon (2004) at Aussois (France).


  • MoMA a.k.a. the Mother Machine Analyzer, written by Florian Jug in collaboration with our lab: a state-of-the-art image analysis software to track bacteria growing in microfluidics channels.
  • DIMM a.k.a the Dual Input Mother Machine: a microfluidics design for long-term growth and monitoring in precisely controlled environmental conditions.
  • a collection of scripts and configuration files for quantitative light microscopy using Micro-Manager.
  • a minimalist R package to tweak ggplot2 to my taste.
  • a lightweight, responsive website template based on the Skeleton boilerplate (no javascript — except for media lightbox, no jQuery dependency, no Bootstrap dependency: loading a page transfers less than 200kb!). You’re currently looking at it ;)